Tour DM Parks

Posted at 11:55 am on June 20, 2018

The City of Des Moines is celebrating National Parks and Recreation month with yet another awesome activity to participate in: 31 Parks in 31 Days.  Starting July 1 through July 31, if you visit all 31 designated parks in Des Moines and share a photo on their social sites with #tourdmparks2018 you will be entered to win $1000!!  What […]


What to Expect with Your Home Inspection

Posted at 1:36 pm on May 31, 2018

Completing a home inspection is a crucial step in the purchase of your new home and honestly it can make or break the experience and ultimately the purchase.  Making sure you have a good home inspector is the first step to making sure your inspection is a breeze.  I have compiled a list of what […]


Friday Finds – Ewing Park Lilac Arboretum

Posted at 12:02 pm on May 11, 2018

Spring is an amazing time of year.  Everything is waking up after a long and cold winter slumber. Trees are turning green, flowers are blooming and people are enjoying the outdoors.  And nothing says spring more than the smell of lilac trees.  It is, hands down, one of the most wonderful fragrances!  Even if you don’t have any lilacs in […]


Friday Finds – Pirate Park

Posted at 9:01 pm on April 26, 2018

Throughout the summer I will be documenting a few of my favorite parks around town! Greater Des Moines is bursting with amazing public parks and I want to make sure I’m sharing my favorites for others to know! This week’s Friday Find is Ironwood Park in Altoona …aka Pirate Park. With a pirate theme, you […]


Friday Finds – Movie Night!

Posted at 11:55 am on April 6, 2018

Now that my kids are older, movie night is no longer something we can only do if we have a babysitter.  Saying that, I still love to get away for a good old movie date night and I prefer to hit up our quaint, independent theaters.  For this week’s Friday Find we are featuring a […]


Friday Find – Art Terrarium

Posted at 11:52 am on March 22, 2018

I have to admit I am not the greenest of thumbs. If you know me, you know I struggle with keeping plants alive.  Saying that, I love what a few houseplants can do to an indoor space.  They add a pop of color and spruce up an otherwise plain room.  Incorporating plants in your indoor […]


Bold Colors of 2018

Posted at 10:10 am on March 15, 2018

Ultra Violet, Oceanside and Deep Onyx are a few of the colors that will dominate 2018.  This year, designers are expecting homeowners to take their home accents to a new level.  With Glidden’s 2018 Color of the Year, Black Onyx, you might be a little intimidated to paint your entire room black.  But interior designers […]


Des Moines Public Works – Free Tiny Trees!!

Posted at 11:02 am on March 12, 2018

Trees and other landscaping can benefit the value of your home AND help reduce your energy bill.  According to the USDA Forest Service, just by planting a tree in your front yard you can increase your home’s sale price by an average of 10%.  Also, planting trees in strategic locations can provide shade or a […]


Friday Finds – Hiland Bakery

Posted at 1:48 pm on March 1, 2018

This week’s Friday Find…Hiland Bakery. We are back this week in the shops in the Highland Park Neighborhood for show-stopping baked goods.  When I was growing up, Saturday’s were my favorite day of the week!  My family’s morning ritual was to go to Hiland Bakery to grab a morning treat (vanilla long John, please) and […]


Golden Oak, No Problem!

Posted at 3:09 pm on February 26, 2018

One of my regular pieces of advice to potential homebuyers when we are out searching for their new home is “don’t sweat the small stuff”.  Of course, there are things that I always say are on the ‘do not compromise list’ – location, neighborhood, schools, etc.  But there are other things that some buyers often […]


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Market updates, neighborhood guides, seasonal activities—directly to your inbox!